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Create Digilocker New Account

How can I get a DigiLocker New account?

We all know DigiLocker registration is online programming that launched by the Indian Government. People who are interested to open the account they can easily get their online DigiLocker account. First, you need to register at the DigiLocker gov in for an account. You can active your DigiLocker account by with and without aadhar number.


Actually, the account can be created using aadhar card get more benefits to compare to without aadhar. This account will be provided by the Indian Government at free of cost.

Linking aadhar is mandatory to avoid the duplication and misusing of accounts. But the applicants need to have the active mobile number of one-time password verification. All Indians who have the aadhar card are eligible to open or signup the DigiLocker account.

So candidates first visit the DigiLocker official website digilocker.gov.in and click on the signup for DigiLocker button. And there enter your active mobile number in given box then click on continue button. You will receive an OTP on your mobile number and verify that

Next set your convenient user id and password. Then click on sign up button. Now here you can enter your aadhar number and also verify that by using fingerprint or OTP as per your convince. In case you don’t have aadhar number then click on the “Don’t have aadhar?” button


Then simply log in the DigiLocker account and get the benefits of Digital Locker. After successful Login to the DigiLocker account, you need to provide Aadhar number for additional services. By using this e-document with the requesting agencies to their email

Creating the DigiLocker account is very simple and easy process. It is fully secure for your stored documents or certificates. Here you can store the personal documents like marriage, educational certificates. ID proofs, and many other important documents

Is it safe to use DigiLocker gov in ?

Yes, Why because this DigiLocker will be controlled and maintained by the Indian Government. So DigiLocker is totally safe and secure for people. Without any doubts, you can activate or open your DigiLocker account and get the benefits that provided by the Indian Government for people.

This DigiLocker app uses the same as the security of all banks for internet banking. They use your registered mobile number and registered email ID to send a one-time password. In the same way, you can gain and access to DigiLocker account.

And the DigiLocker is the Aadhar based e-locker services. So by that aadhar card, no one can be misused your account or any documents. Instead of carrying the documents physically that issued by the central, state and municipal agencies you can download the documents. For the signup process, you need to have the aadhar number and mobile number that linked to your aadhar.

By using the DigiLocker account, you don’t have the worry about losing the documents. This service is provided by Government for free of cost. This DigiLocker gov in will reduce the administrative Government overheads departments and agencies create to paperwork. Administrative costs are really high in the Government sector. If the administrative work reduces it directly then the administrative costs also incurred by the government

Digital Locker is the well-designed encryption systems that keep the data safe. The safe modules use the same technology like internet banking that offering the secure environment. You can easily register and sign in the DigiLocker accounts with providing methods.

Till now various Government agencies will also have the sign up in this DigiLocker system. The scheme will be rolled out at the national level. Under this services, there is available the e-sign implementation.


What is DigiLocker registration and what is the use of it?

DigiLocker is the personal online storage space to store the documents digitally. This online service is open to all Indian citizens who have aadhar cards. Each and every registered user has got the 1 GB storage space with his/her aadhar number.

This DigiLocker will maintain the huge number of documents and also manage the Government seems to have taken notice. In this given space you can store the official documents like educational sheets, Identity proofs, Any Government issued documents and other documents etc

DigiLocker account holder can also store the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) like e-documents that issued by the various several departments. You can also digitally sign e-documents with an e-sign facility that provided by the system

There are 3 entities in DigiLocker like issuer, requestor, and individual. These 3 categories are made on basis of users of this facility. DigiLocker gov in and DigiLocker app launched by the Ministry of communications and IT (Electronics & Information Technology).

After successful a signup, applicants can easily upload their certificates in PNG, PDF, and JPEG formats. This app has the basic layout and needs of a facelift. The documents saved by users separately from those issued by Government. Once you can upload any documents in DigiLocker they no need to carry physically.

Technically the DigiLocker works like other cloud storage service. This service directly links with the Government agencies and multiple security protocols. Digital Locker uses to keep the documents in secure as well as safe way.

Uses of DigiLocker registration:


  • Empowers the citizens digitally
  • It reduces the physical documents and fake documents
  • Easy availability of documents online
  • Easy sharing of documents across departments and agencies
  • It provides the fast access to documents anytime and anywhere through your smartphone
  • It offers the authenticity of e sign documents
  • Ensures the complete privacy of residents data

Use DigiLocker account to store your documents digitally by linking to Aadhaar:

Till now in India, there are so many documents stored in DigiLocker account. The top three states in number are Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra. The interested and individual candidates can register their aadhar number. Each Digital Locker gives the 1 GB free space to store the documents.

The Government related department or agency issued e documents can be stored in this DigiLocker account. This Digital Locker will provide the secure access to government-issued documents and reduce the administrative overhead of Government departments and agencies.

The facility of e-sign provides the system can also be used to sign the e-documents. Issuers documents will have the facility to upload also share the documents with any registered agency. This is one of the online storage platforms like Dropbox and Google Docs. This account will offer the storage space. You can also store the documents like property papers like mutual funds, insurance, shares, medical reports, PAN card, tax papers, Passport, marriage, birth certificates etc

The private agencies also offer the similar document management services for a fee like Kleeto.com. The company offers the doorstep to pick up and return of documents a certain number of times depending on package your sign for. For these users can store the 500 pages of physical and 500 digital documents.

This DigiLocker gov in will provide the no limit on the number of documents to upload but each document cannot more than 10 MB. By linking aadhar card you can directly get some other documents (for which you can provide the aadhar as proof) in DigiLocker account.

You can push and pull the documents that your convince and requirement in DigiLocker account. When you can use the URI link of documents directly shared by issuers and it reduces the possibilities of submitting fake documents

Is digital locker launched by India government trusty for registered users?

Till now the Digital locker online storage system is 100% secure and safe. But the Government will ensure the documents. DigiLocker registration is the safe and secure use. Digital Locker uses the 256-bit secure socket layer encryption for information transmitted at any activity time.

This service also uses the mobile authentication to sign up through one-time password OTP for the user and allowing access to the platform. And the application is hosted in the ISO 27001 security certified data center. The DigiLocker data is back up in a secure environment with proper redundancy.

If the people who have an account from unauthorized access our system is designed to terminate session automatically if continuation inactivity is detected. And the account has been security audited by the recognized audit agency also the security of application audit certificate has obtained

The Government organizations that issue all the possible documents from mark sheets etc through the online system. This Digital locker makes the users receive services through saving their time also effort as documents at any time and anywhere that share electronically.

This DigiLocker gov in provides storage space in the cloud to Indians. The Organizations and registered with Digital Locker can push the e-copies of certificates

Technically there is no difference between the DigiLocker gov in and Google drive. Digital Locker is the wonderful idea that has the big potential to make an impact on the e-governance. The current kind of digital Signature have the acceptance of moment and the cloud provide the nationwide push for digital authentication of the certificates/documents.

The present features were will expand and more safety features get added. The Government will decide the start the issue of certificates through this DigiLocker service. You can scan your documents like DL, PAN , Voter ID , passport and other documents

What is DigiLocker app?

Digital Locker is an advanced locker that benefited and controlled by the Government of India. The Government also launched new DigiLocker mobile application as per the users convince. At present world, the smartphone became as one of the human body parts for people.

So that for the easy process the Indian Government introduced this DigiLocker app. Now users can access their uploaded documents and certificates through their smartphones.

This DigiLocker app is launched for the both Android and iOS devices. Now you can easily download the app through your mobile play stores. DigiLocker the key initiative under Digital India. The main aim is to transform India into a digitally empowered society also knowledge economy.

Digi locker Create an Account – How To Create Account in Digi locker Mobile App

By using this DigiLocker account reduces the paperless Governance. It is the platform for the issuance also documents verification for the certification in a digital way. This app contains the same features as of the official website. This DigiLocker app gives the free, personal account, secure with dedicated storage space to users.


Through the app get your Detail aadhar card, vehicle registration, DL, PAN , LPG subscription Vouchers, and many more directly into your personal account. These documents are authentic as they directly issued by the registered issuers.

If you have DigiLocker account then simply login to the app and continue your process. DigiLocker recorded the 20.13 lakh clients. Once you can upload the documents in the DigiLocker account then by login you can get those documents from any device.

And the DigiLocker app installation and downloading process are free of cost. So now enjoy the DigiLocker features on your mobile.

Digi locker Create an Account – How To Create Account in Digi locker App

What is adhaar based e sign?

Aadhar eSign is the Government introduce the method of a digitally signed document also has the legal signature. The online electronic signature service by the authenticating the aadhar holder through the aadhar based KYC service.

This eSign document has and aadhar card also registered mobile number. By using these 2 things the people can sign document remotely without being physically present. Some Organisations and individuals seeking to obtain eSigning service can utilize the service for different service providers

DigiLocker registration users also accesses this eSign facility. This is the simple secure and efficient way for service delivery applications. Aadhar card is mandatory to forget this service. An electronic signature is created using the authentication of the consumer through the aadhar KYC service

There are so many interesting features for this aadhar eSign like save cost, resource, time, improved the user convenience, Easily apply for digital signature, Verified signatures also signatory. This service is managed and licensed by the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA).


This eSign have the significant uses in the present world like agreements of any corporate deal, in the banking sector, in hospitals to approve the medical bills, real estate, Rental agreements, telephone and internet service providers on board customers etc using this eSign.

Certificates/document to sign for uploaded by a resident at aadhar APIs user platform. Here enter the aadhar number or VID number and selects the authentication mode like OTP, figure Print, Iris etc

Now the certificate or document is a digital signature that issued by CCA after successful authentication. That digitally signed document is received the user’s end. This total process will take 5 minutes and then depend on the user’s internet connectivity

ESign is the integrated service that facilitates the Digital Signature certificate of requested data by aadhar holder. This eSign implementation by using aadhar can be helping both biometric and non-biometric methods. In a lot of governmental filings that related operation also the management of companies in India.

Here’s the process to Download PAN and Aadhaar in DigiLocker App:

DigiLocker app is used to store the number of important documents and certificates like pan, aadhar, license etc. If you can upload the scanned copy of the PAN and aadhar cards then you can easily download those documents anywhere and anytime. You can also get the document issued by income tax department.

Pan card download: Simple login to the app on your Smartphone and click on the search icon. Then search of the Income-tax department and click on pan verification record. Now you can search your pan by number and gender. Tick the consent clause. Then click on the “Get Document”. Now your pan card will download through the mobile application. This document can be shared with requester and whenever you required.


Aadhar card download: If you have the scanned copy of the Aadhar card then simply upload that aadhar card. If you do not have any soft copy of your aadhar card then simply follow the mentioned process

First, you need to login to the DigiLocker app by using your Username and password. Then search for the “UIDAI Unique Identification Authority of India” then click on the Aadhar option. Tick the disclaimer that provides your consent for downloading aadhar. An OTP that get your registered mobile number. Enter that OTP and click on continue button. Now your aadhar is downloaded in your DigiLocker app

That you can find your documents in the “Issued documents” section. You can view the document or download it. You get the updated aadhar when you select the “Refresh” option to refresh the data.

Nearly there is one crore users will register under this DigiLocker app. Under this DigiLocker app, there are the 41 issuers organizations at present that issue documents to users. All accounts in DigiLocker linked with aadhar number of the user.

Attach your Driving license for DigiLocker account to Digital India’s for paperless proof documents:

To make digital India our PM Narendra Modi has introduced this DigiLocker app. Most of the Indians having own vehicles especially those with 2 wheelers. Sometimes people with their urgent works they forget vehicle RC and driving license in the home. At that time they need to pay fine to traffic police

To overcome this problem, DigiLocker app will help people. Without vehicle RC and driving license, a person doesn’t have permission to drive vehicles in Public places. By uploading the Driving license or any other vehicle documents in DigiLocker account, you can download them anywhere.


If your Smartphone having the net facility then you can easily get the soft copy of your RC and driving license anywhere and anytime. No need to require carrying the documents physically to everywhere.

DigiLocker registration also has the mobile application to make process easy. Through the app, you can download your driving license directly from the National Register of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. This Ministry only issues the data of license and documents by all states

This brings the total number of relief to millions of roads users’ also frequent air traveler. This Digital Locker service cover the 10 crores driving license also 19 crore digital vehicle registration certificates in the database available with the ministry

Not only the driving license there are some more documents can also be added and reduce the burden of the documents physically. These uploaded and saved documents are viewed through DigiLocker will deem valid by inspecting authority all over India

By using the DigiLocker account you can store the identification cards that issued by different government authorities, educational certificates, etc. This is the cloud-based site. NDA government of Digital India push the curtail the use of physical documents.

How to enroll for DigiLocker registration?

We all know that how the DigiLocker registration is helpful for the users digitally. If you want to enroll DigiLocker gov in then no worries, here we are providing the simple steps to enroll DigiLocker. Indian Government will provide this service for users at free of cost.

Interested candidates can enroll for Digi Locker through the official website or by download the app from Google play store. Signing up the DigiLocker is very easy. But the candidates have the active mobile number that will authenticate by sending an OTP that followed by selecting the Username and password.

This will create your DigiLocker account. After creating the Digi Locker account then you need to provide the aadhar number to the additional services. This locker will provide the 1 GB space to store documents. So basically it is like the physical locker to store the important documents and certificates.

This eLocker frees you up from that carrying the documents physically. By enrolling this DigiLocker you can directly get your Driving license, Registration certificates, other educational certificates through the concerned government departments.

This Digital Locker is secured national digital system for driving license and registration certificate. The DigiLocker gov in official website has been developed and maintained by the Mahaonline Ltd. That to join the venture between the Maharashtra Government also Tata Consultancy services.

This DigiLocker app is one of the key initiatives under the Digital India Programme. Air travelers can also use this DigiLocker at airports as for the valid identity documents

You can download and install the DigiLocker app in your mobile at free of cost. By adding aadhar number to DigiLocker is mandatory to avoid the duplicate and misusing of accounts.

You can easily handle and control the DigiLocker gov in website and application. These both are user-friendly design. DigiLocker is one of the key initiatives under Digital India Programme.

Benefits for Availing DigiLocker registration:

DigiLocker will bring the providing cost to Government for providing services. That will reduce the Government staff. And Digital Locker app helps Government to substantially down the cost of providing services. If it succeeds then the Government will no need an army of staff to provide the citizens

By using this DigiLocker app you can share the documents in the safe and secure manner. For this, you should not share your Digital Locker and Aadhar details to anyone. DigiLocker app should not access any public wifi or other computers

You will get the applied Government identity proofs within the short time. Normally it takes 2 to 3 weeks to receive but now you can download the PAN, Aadhar and some identity documents from concerned government services

The concerned Government agencies can directly access your documents from central repository through URI. And the documents entire process is processed in the safe and secure manner

The user can sign the documents through aadhar linked digital signature. You can also sign uploaded documents. This is the best attractive feature eSign facility for all digital signatures

Due to the digital documents and online process is corruption free. Digital Locker account works fully digitization to reduce the human interaction to avail the Government services

The Digital Locker can be used to store all government documents in digitized format. Only personal documents should scan and uploaded. And there is some private online cloud storage space to premium customers.

You can access your documents anytime and anywhere. And no need to carry your documents physically. The Government also provide the mobile application as per the users convince.

And mainly this DigiLocker gov in is launched for beta testing and also it undergo the changes that depending on feedback from users. At present, the authentication is based on the aadhar and mobile number

How to Reset User ID and Password to DigiLocker login:

If you forget your username and password for your DigiLocker account then no worries, you can easily login your account without username and password. After successful login in the account, you can reset your Username and password as per your requirement

But for the users who have linked their aadhar number to account can process the mentioned process. And the users who have not linked aadhar to account they will not be able to the below-mentioned process.

You can easily recover and reset your username and password of your DigiLocker account. Mainly visit the DigiLocker gov in official website and then click on the Sign in button

Now enter your aadhar number and then click on the verify button. After clicking the verify button you will receive the registered mobile number on your base. Enter your received OTP and click on verify button

After successful verification, you will log in to the DigiLocker account click on menu and then select the account settings. Here you will get your username of account. If you want here you can reset your username

Now before login, you can easily reset your password by following the further steps. After visiting the official website of Digi Locker click on the Sign in button. Now click on the “Forget password”

Here enter your aadhar number and verify it by OTP that received to your registered mobile number. Then enter your new password 2 times for confirmation. And then click on login button. Now your Digi Locker account password will reset successfully

So that linking your aadhar number to your DigiLocker app gives the many benefits as well as services. Without aadhar number, you cannot reset your Username and password to digital locker account. Users better to keep your username and password as remabale to avoid these types of issues. You should also have to maintain the aadhar registered mobile number for verification purpose

Now save your driving license in DigiLocker app:

Same as the storage of Aadhar card, pan card and some other documents you can also save the driving license in Digi Locker account. Individuals documents and certificates can also store in the account. Now from this cloud-based storage platform for issuance, sharing, and verification of documents and certificates in the digital format.

Users can also store the identification cards that issued by Government agencies, PAN cards, Educational certificates, driving license and other vehicle ownership documents. Instead of caring the important documents or certificates physically, show them digitally anywhere and access at any time you want

And follow the method to save your driving license digitally. First users need to visit the official website of DigiLocker gov in and sign up using your aadhar number or username and password.

If in case you don’t have the aadhar number then you have to create an account. Linking aadhar to account gives many advantages to users. After successful login to account click on issued documents. Now click on pull documents

Here enter the partner name as “Ministry of Road, transport, and highways” as well as select the documents type as a driving license. Here enter the required personal information like name, date of birth, father name and driving license number etc

Then click on get document. Now your driving license data will be fetched. Driving license is integrated with DigiLocker account. You can view the documents also save the link.

Or if you have the soft copy of your Driving license in your computer or system. Now you can easily upload that document to DigiLocker account. Simply click on the upload document button and select the file that you want to upload.

Downloading Driving license from DigiLocker app can also show and acts same as the original driving license. So that you no need to pay the fines at traffic for forgetting the driving license.

Users can also get DigiLocker app download on PC:

As we all know the Indian Government provides the DigiLocker gov in official website and mobile application for Android phones. To make simpler and easy use they introduce the mobile application for users. Now you can also download that DigiLocker app on your PCs.

Here is the simple process to download the android mobile app of Digital Locker on personal systems. So many people do not know the process to download the android applications on windows devices

First, you need to install the Android app players like Bluestacks, KMPlayer, and Nox etc. Before you start you need to download the APK file installer file and then find the download button. It is very easy to save and find the file location.


If you can download all apk file for your phones and tablets (both Android and Windows phones). Accept the software that installed from external sources means settings ->APPS -> unknown sources from the selected area. Now download the application DigiLocker also save. Open the downloaded APK file and install to access the process.

After installing the Android App players on your PCs then the users can use and control the DigiLocker app. You can use and work this app on your PC same as your Smartphone.

The file size is not more so that you can easily download the DigiLocker app. Without using your Smartphone you can use the DigiLocker app on your PC. Normally this Digital Locker is the software development kit that containing the links libraries at the core.

DigiLocker app consists the 2 different parts like engine and key generator. The engine methods have the concepts of trail quota, registration information etc, and the other part is to install the end user machines along with software products

The key generator is the component that analyzes the product ID that obtained from the engine and generates the authorization key.

DigiLocker app allows and access to CBSE 10th Mark sheet:

Now you can also download the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) 10th and intermediate mark sheets from DigiLocker account. DigiLocker registration is the cloud-based platform for issuance and verification of documents. And the users are allowed to store the documents electronically version. DigiLocker app provides the access to digital mark sheets to all CBSC students

The students whose number is either register or not registered with CBSE said by the DigiLocker gov in through an official website. The CBSE results have been declared by the Central Board of Secondary education

Here is the simple process to get your CBSC 10th mark sheet through DigiLocker account. Visit DigiLocker gov in official website and sign in with user credentials to your mobile number. Then click on issued documents

And then click on the “Pre-populated digital mark sheet available” option. Click on the View document and your CBSE digital mark sheet will open. This facility only for registered mobile number users


If your mobile number is not registered with CBSE then follow the further steps. After successful login to account go to the profile page and sync your aadhar number and mobile number. Then your aadhar profile will appear and click on the “Pull partner documents” option.

Select the CBSE as partner name from the drop-down menu. And select the SSC certificate 10th from document type. Here enter the year, roll number and click on the get document

Some message will display that reads “Fetching data from original source”. The data from CBSE servers displays on screen. Now click on issued documents and view document. Your CBSE digital mark sheet displays on screen

Digital Locker account allows the Class X: Mark sheet, Migration Certificate, Passing Certificate, Class XII: Mark sheet, Migration Certificate, Passing Certificate, NEET Mark sheet, NEET Rank Letter. Now you can easily download your CBSE mark sheet from DigiLocker app.

What is DigiLocker registration government?

DigiLocker gov in has maintain and controlled by Indian Government and offers the free platform to store the important documents or certificates. The digital Government and e-governance concepts want to implement in India by PM Narendra Modi. And DigiLocker app is one of these steps.


Digital Locker is one of the largest projects that are totally based on open source technologies. Till now it attracted over 2 million Indians who have uploaded their documents. It is the free services for people.

Simply this Digital India login provides the small team behind big project means just around 14 people have implemented DigiLocker. This team includes the Government personnel and individuals from private firms.

DigiLocker app provides the multiple components less than one roof means cloud-based, repository, and gateway dedicated personal storage. To make and maintain the process easy the team divided the entire project into certain phases. These phases provide the concrete goals regarding the number of users and files.

DigiLocker gov in comes with the aadhar integration to offer the citizens in secured solution to store the e-documents online. And also there is the eSign facility for users self-attest documents. This NeGD team user some other security measures to make the DigiLocker safe and secure platform for the public

And the Digital Locker base on the open source platforms that include the PHP, Python, and Node on the server front. The entire platform that brings the cloud solution to millions of Indian citizens is based on own Cloud server. Based on the number of users, the NeGD team aims to scale up DigiLocker using open source solution.

And this DigiLocker app comes in 2 separates parts. One part is to store the links to documents that issued by Government agencies and other can upload any legacy or old documents that you wish.

The main target of this DigiLocker login is to get the paperless governance. It is the platform to issue also verifies the documents digitally and eliminates the use of documents physically.